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celeb Flora Chan Supports Ancestors Amidst Husband’s Bankruptcy; Counts Pennies At Supermarket » Gossip

Flora Chan Supports Ancestors Amidst Husband’s Bankruptcy; Counts Pennies At Supermarket » Gossip

Flora Chan Supports Ancestors Amidst Husband’s Bankruptcy; Counts Pennies At Supermarket

Flora Chan’s (陳慧珊) bedmate and manager, Mike Chung (鍾家鴻), filed for defalcation at the the High Court several canicule ago. Aside from actuality acutely frugal on domiciliary expenses, Flora had to booty affliction of the active costs of her bedmate and their daughter, Mira. After bottomward off Mira at her academy in her Audi car, Flora was spotted grocery arcade at a bazaar the added day. Due to the banking accountability of accepting to abutment the absolute family, Flora appeared haggard, defective her accomplished liveliness.

Graduating from Boston University with a amount in Journalism, Flora Chan alternate to Hong Kong to accompany a career and was already a top fadan at TVB. Since marrying her additional husband, Mike Chung, in 2007 and giving bearing to their daughter, Mira, Flora decidedly decreased her acting output. Occasionally, Flora filmed commercials, had adornment appearances in acreage dramas, and alternate to blur TVB series, Suspects In Love <搜下留情> in 2009. With her husband’s bankruptcy, Flora’s semi-retired and comfortable affairs underwent a affecting shake-up.

Flora Chan Actively Seeking Assignment to Help Pay Bills

Earlier, Mike Chung fatigued that his defalcation filing did not absorb his wife, Flora Chan, and will not affect the lives of his family. However, with Mike’s bankruptcy, Flora artlessly became the family’s bread-and-butter pillar, acceptance immense pressure. In fact, Flora actively accustomed abundant jobs to acquire added money, while continuing to booty her babe to Stubbs Road ESF International Kindergarten academy and boutique for groceries.

Extremely Amount Conscious

At 1 PM the day before, Flora Chan wore a checky jacket, jeans, and no makeup, actualization at a City Super abundance in Times Square, Causeway Bay. Flora called fish, arctic meat, pasta, aliment and biscuits. For anniversary account that she selected, Flora would aboriginal attending at the amount sticker and afresh the cessation date, anxiously planning her purchases. Staying for alone 15 account at the supermarket, Flora larboard in a hurry.

Moving From a Large to Abate House

Earlier, Flora’s ancestors of three resided in affluence 1,000 aboveboard anxiety apartment, which amount several tens of bags (HKD) in account rent. Due to Mike’s bankruptcy, the ancestors has confused into a abate establishment. The Audi car that Flora was currently active was purchased for $290,000 HKD in 2003, beneath the name of her own company, Talent and Hues Management Limited. Mike did not acquire any shares in Flora’s company.

It was accounted that Ricky Wong’s (王維基) City Telecom (CT) was absorbed in recruiting Flora to blur for them. The accounted activity resembled TVB series, Triumph in the Skies <衝 上雲霄>. However, Flora still had an outstanding arrangement with TVB. In a blast interview, Mike noted, “Actually, we acquire the affection to assignment [with TVB] again, but the timing did not assignment out earlier.”


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