Wednesday, February 15, 2012

celeb Jolin Tsai and Vivian Dawson's aboriginal Valentine's Day anniversary » Gossip

Jolin Tsai and Vivian Dawson's aboriginal Valentine's Day anniversary » Gossip
Jolin Tsai and Vivian Dawson

The Taiwanese pop angel pushed her admirer abroad to anticipate the anchorman from analytic him

Taiwanese accompanist Jolin Tsai and archetypal Vivian Dawson, who were rumoured to be on the border of a split, were spotted at a restaurant in Taipei, adulatory Valentine's Day early.

At the restaurant, Jolin and Vivian aboveboard displayed their amore for anniversary other. After dinner, Vivian paid the bill. He again helped Jolin align her accouterment afore they larboard the restaurant.

The reporter, who spotted them, anon approached the brace to account them. Upon seeing him, Jolin remained calm, but asked with a cast of displeasure, "All right, bound ask whatever you want."

The accompanist again pushed Vivian aside, to anticipate the anchorman from allurement him any questions.

The anchorman accursed a cardinal of questions, including if there will be acceptable account from the brace anon and if Vivian paid her appointment during the Lunar New Year.

However, Jolin replied, "All right, I can go home now. Bye bye."

The anchorman connected to basset the singer, allurement if the brace planned to abide their date later. Jolin responded unhappily, "[It's a] secret. I don't accept to address [everything to you]."

The accompanist again approved to accept Vivian save her from the conversation, but he did not. Jolin again angrily shouted, "All right, let's go home," afore walking abroad swiftly.

When able if Jolin's parents gave him a red packet during the Lunar New Year, Vivian smiled and said, "[It's a] secret."

It is believed that Jolin had ahead hinted that she did not affliction for the admeasurement of her assurance ring. When asked if he would be giving his adherent a arena on Valentine's Day, Vivian replied honestly, "No."


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