Wednesday, February 15, 2012

celeb Noel Leung Denies Extramarital Activity Rumors » Gossip

Noel Leung Denies Extramarital Activity Rumors » Gossip

Noel Leung Denies Extramarital Activity Rumors

Earlier, above Miss Hong Kong additional runner-up, Noel Leung (梁小冰), was accused of cheating on husband, Gary Chan (陳嘉輝), with restaurateur, Brian Wong (王志海). In a blast interview, Noel advised the accordant letters as a joke, affirmation that they were alone adolescent classmates. Gary Chan replied through a argument bulletin that both he and Noel bedevilled alternate assurance in anniversary other.

Noel bedevilled a acceptable wife and affectionate image. Thus, back the extramarital activity rumors surfaced, abounding artists were shocked. Back the rumors alike initially, Noel had bidding through her administrator that she will not respond. Yesterday, she bankrupt her blackout and said, “I’m actual surprised! In my 22-year career, this was the aboriginal time I graced abridged covers!” She explained that she was not ambuscade afterwards the account broke, but was active and clumsy to acknowledge earlier.

Noel accomplished that she was photographed by abridged photographers earlier, but did not accede that the appear news would allege her of accepting an extramarital activity with Brian Wong. Noel explained that Brian was a adolescent classmate, “We went to the aforementioned class. All the acceptance get forth actual well. Brian’s restaurant in the Central commune is the abode area we generally accumulate together.”

Noel fatigued that the allegations claiming that she and Brian had entered the accumulator allowance calm were false. Aside from Brian, added classmates additionally alone her off at home. Noel claimed that shes never exchanged amorous letters with Brian on Weibo. Regarding Brian’s letters referencing “Little Bing,” Noel claimed that she never apprehend his Weibo. “I do not apperceive if he did address about me or not.” Despite her rumors with Brian, Noel said that she will not end her accord with Brian. Next month, the brace will abide to appear chic together.

Noel added, “I’m a actual balmy person. In my 22-year career, I accept never had this affectionate of rumor. This proves that I will not act inappropriately. I feel that bond accoutrements and adhering are accustomed affable behavior, but you may feel surprised.” Noel acclaimed that she had a alternate compassionate with her husband, Gary Chan.


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